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There’s Nothing to Say, except, “Ouch” (or is that, “Okay”?)

It’s short, and it’s not sweet.  I’ve waited a long time to write this.

Four weeks ago I last posted, and today, having anticipated this anniversary date for a span of years, I find myself needing to post again, for whatever reason.  “This anniversary date” is, in fact, seven years to the day after my ex-wife from a distant location sent me a text message which she did follow up with action.  The content of that text message, which I received about 0630 on this date in 2016, was “We will be there today to get my things.”  That was 2556 days ago, not counting today, and we had been married 1957 days at that time; the arrangement was, as I came to understand, already ended before then, and once she had left, she was never going to return.  As I have repeated many times since, “Good riddance to bad trash.” Yes, that’s all of it.